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Fishing the Northwest

An Angler's Reader

Glen Love

Northwest Readers

6 × 9 inches. 240 pages.

2000. ISBN 978-0-87071-481-8. Hardcover, $28.95.

The Pacific Northwest is water country. This far corner of the world is distinguished and defined by rivers, streams, lakes, reservoirs, estuaries, and an ocean. Where there is so much water, there's fishing. And where there's fishing, there is bound to be writing about fishing because, as Thomas McGuane observed, "you can't say enough about it."

Now there's a book for people who can't read enough about it either. Fishing the Northwest collects stories and essays by twenty-two of the best angling writers in the region. Veteran flyfisher Love has combed the vast literature on angling to create an exciting blend of subjects and styles that puts readers in the water next to fishing authors of great renown as well as noteworthy newer voices.

Included are famous early writers like Zane Grey, who frequented Northwest rivers, and Roderick Haig-Brown, who defined angling literature for the region. Also spotlighted is a new wave of excellent writing that has exploded in the Northwest over the past two decades, calling on a host of gifted authors like Ted Leeson and Jessica Maxwell--one of several women who prove that it's no longer just a man's preserve.

The book ranges from Alaska to the Rogue River in southern Oregon, the Olympic Mountains and Vancouver Island to the Continental Divide in Montana. From the advice of angling eminence Enos Bradner to the spirited fiction of Ken Kesey, from Robin Carey's account of getting acquainted with a new river to Lorian Hemingway's first flyfishing adventure, Fishing the Northwest is the ultimate reader for anyone who, in Norman Maclean's famous words, is "haunted by waters." Even if you've never felt a tug on a line, you'll discover in this book that some of the Northwest's best writing flows straight from its rivers.

All royalties from Fishing the Northwest will be donated to the Pacific Rivers Council, a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to restoring, protecting, and enhancing American rivers.


Michael Baughman, Don Berry, Enos Bradner, Mallory Burton, Robin Carey, H.L. Davis, David James Duncan, Zane Gery, Roderick Haig-Brown, Lorian Hemingway, Dave Hughes, Ken Kesey, Rudyard Kipling, Ben Hur Lampman, Ted Leeson, Norman Maclean, Jessica Maxwell, Kathleen Dean Moore, Peter Patricelli, Steve Raymond, Marjorie Sandor, Frank Soos.

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