Glen A. Love

Glen A. Love is a Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Oregon. He is the author and editor of several books on the literature and culture of the Pacific Northwest. Among his books is New Americans: The Westerner and the Modern Experience in the American Novel (1982) and Northwest Perspectives (1979), a book of essays which he co-edited with Edwin R. Bingham. He lives in Eugene, Oregon.

Books by this Author

Fishing the Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is water country. This far corner of the world is distinguished and defined by rivers, streams, lakes, reservoirs, estuaries, and an ocean...

| hardcover | $28.95

The World Begins Here

The first inhabitants of Oregon had an intimate knowledge of the land and a rich tradition of oral storytelling. The white settlers brought their own...

| paperback | $24.95

Davis Country

Davis Country collects the best writings of H. L. Davis, one of the Northwest's premier authors and the only Oregonian to receive the Pulitzer Prize...

| paperback | $22.95

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