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The Oregon State University Press publishes compelling, well-written, well-researched books of integrity. We concentrate on books written for an audience within and beyond the academy, of particular importance to the Pacific Northwest and beyond, especially those dealing with the history, natural history, cultures, and literature of the region.  We also welcome books of environmental history, natural resource management, Indigenous and Native American Studies, and first-person narratives.  Each book we publish must receive positive external peer review and be approved for publication by the OSU Press faculty advisory Editorial Board (see details below).

Oregon State University Press Proposal Guidelines

To help us evaluate your project, we need to know more about you and your book. To propose a book project to us, please draft a book prospectus that provides all the information below. Please send no bound, stapled, or spiral-bound materials. Please do not send the entire manuscript unless requested.

  1. Title of manuscript
  2. Your name, title, and affiliation; please include complete contact information, including e-mail if available. Include brief bios for contributors of an edited volume.
  3. Briefly describe the content and purpose of your book, including your qualifications as author or editor. If it is an edited volume, explain your selection criteria.
  4. Describe your intended audience. Describe likely buyers of the book.
  5. List the significant books in print on this topic, and explain how and why your book is different. What is its most distinguishing characteristic? What is its unique contribution to the field?
  6. Does this book have any potential for course adoption, or sales by a book club?
  7. Provide manuscript specifics, such as your manuscript’s length (including total word count), and an estimated delivery date.
  8. Describe any illustrative and/or graphic materials, and any other material to complement the text, e.g., podcasts, videos, etc.  and any digital ancillary materials.
  9. How long do you think your book should remain in print? How often would revisions/updates be required?
  10. Include a table of contents and chapter by chapter description.
  11. If available, please provide sample chapters, preferably the introduction and one or two substantive chapters. Please do NOT send the entire manuscript unless it is requested.
  12. Is this a dissertation? If revised, what is the nature of the revisions?
  13. Include an up-to-date cv or résumé.
  14. Have you submitted this to other presses? If so, to whom did you submit it?
  15. Please suggest 2–3 possible reviewers for your manuscript, including contact information, affiliation, etc. The Press solicits and pays all external peer reviewers, who remain anonymous unless they choose to identify themselves to the author.
  16. List any possible sources of outside funding to publish your book.

OSU Press is not accepting unsolicited fiction proposals or manuscripts at this time.

Send prospectus to:

Tom Booth, Acquisitions
Oregon State University Press
121 The Valley Library, Room 3733
Corvallis, Oregon 97331–4501

We make every effort to respond to inquiries promptly; please expect an average response time of 10–12 weeks. All manuscript materials submitted for review will be recycled, unless you provide return postage. We reserve the right to decline any project, and do not offer advice or comments on projects we decline. Thank you for considering OSU Press as a possible publisher.

Our Decision-Making Process

Each manuscript we consider seriously for publication must receive positive external peer review and be approved by the OSU Press faculty advisory Editorial Board before it is published. This is standard practice at university presses.  

If we review a proposal or manuscript and think it has solid potential as an OSU Press book, we will send it to two appropriate peer reviewers for evaluation. These are usually individuals who are published authors themselves, who are knowledgeable about the subject matter of the manuscript, and who are experienced in evaluating a project’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as its sales potential. The Press solicits and pays these individuals, who remain anonymous unless they choose to be identified to the author. The peer review process helps Press staff ensure the integrity of each title we publish.

Thank you for considering Oregon State University Press as your publisher.

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