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October 1, 2015

Inspired by his own experience with a racially biased trial that changed his life, Max G. Geier undertook an academic study of a 1943 murder trial involving racial, gender, and class issues. The Color of Night: Race,…
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September 28, 2015
September 27th-October 3rd celebrates our freedom to have access to and read books. The 1st Amendment of the Constitutional guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of the press. The goal of Banned Books Week is to…
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September 18, 2015

Here at OSU Press, we know our authors work hard to contribute to their respective fields. But it’s always rewarding when others recognize their talents and dedication, as well! Last month saw two OSU Press…
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At the Hearth of the Crossed Races
A Man for All Seasons
Honey in the Horn


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