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Honey in the Horn

Set in Oregon in the early years of the twentieth century, H. L. Davis’s Honey in the Horn chronicles the struggles faced by homesteaders as...

| paperback | $19.95


Winner of the Sigurd Olson Nature Writing Award Naturalist and philosopher Kathleen Dean Moore meditates on connection and separation in these twenty-one elegant, probing essays...

| paperback | $17.95

Voyage of a Summer Sun

Winner of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Book Award and the Oregon Book Award An Oregon State Library choice for “150 Books for the Oregon...

| paperback | $19.95

Children of the Fur Trade

A riveting glimpse into a unique heritage, Children of the Fur Trade recovers a vital part of Northwest history. During the first half of the...

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The Prairie Keepers

In the remote northeast corner of Oregon lies the ruggedly beautiful Zumwalt Prairie, one of the last native prairies in the United States. A wild...

| paperback | $19.95

Down in My Heart

From 1942 to 1946, William Stafford was interned in camps for conscientious objectors after refusing to be inducted into the U.S. Army. As a pacifist...

| paperback | $15.95

A Majority of Scoundrels

With the skill of a historian, Don Berry set his celebrated trilogy of novels—Trask, Moontrap, and To Build a Ship—in pioneer-era Oregon. In A Majority...

| paperback | $22.95


In 1843, brothers Jesse, Lindsay, and Charley Applegate — accompanied by their wives and 22 children — led the first major wagon train from Missouri...

| paperback | $21.95

The Sandal and the Cave

Luther Cressman's 1938 discovery of a 9,000-year-old sandal in Fort Rock Cave revolutionized accepted theories of western prehistory. The recovery of the woven sagebrush-bark sandal...

| paperback | $14.95


Set in 1848 on the wild edge of the continent, in the rainforests and rugged headlands of the Oregon coast, Trask follows a mountain man's...

| paperback | $18.95

To Build a Ship

In To Build a Ship, Don Berry explores the extent to which a man can betray himself and his morality for a dream or an...

| paperback | $18.95


Winner of the Western Writers of America Spur Award for best historical novel, Moontrap is a book of remarkable beauty and power about a man...

| paperback | $18.95


Illahe tells the captivating story of the miners, packers, farmers, and families who settled southern Oregon's rugged Rogue River Canyon in the 1860s. Kay Atwood...

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River Pigs and Cayuses

Ron Strickland’s oral histories recover a part of the original Northwest character that is rapidly disappearing. In River Pigs and Cayuses, he gathers stories from...

| paperback | $17.95

Whistlepunks and Geoducks

Dusting off his tape recorder for this companion volume to his popular River Pigs and Cayuses, Ron Strickland focuses on Washington, his adopted home. In...

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Adventures of the First Settlers on the Oregon or Columbia River, 1810-1813

Four years after Lewis and Clark stimulated American interest in the far western reaches of the continent, John Jacob Astor, a New York businessman, dispatched...

| paperback | $17.95

Reach of Tide, Ring of History

Aboard a small handmade boat, Sam McKinney set out to rediscover the Columbia River of his youth. The story of his voyage offers an intimate...

| paperback | $14.95


On a wilderness ranch in southern Oregon nearly a century ago, Dayton Hyde dove into a rushing river to rescue the threatened nest of a...

| paperback | $17.95

Driftwood Valley

Driftwood Valley recounts a magnificent story of adventure and survival in the wilds of northern British Columbia. For almost three years, naturalist Theodora Stanwell-Fletcher, together...

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Narrative of a Journey across the Rocky Mountains to the Columbia River

Selected by National Geographic Adventure magazine as one of the "100 Greatest Adventure Books of All Time" The Narrative chronicles a journey of discovery by...

| paperback | $17.95

The Wallowas

Part adventure story and part spiritual memoir, William Ashworth's The Wallowas recounts a young man's search for the challenges and the solace that the wilderness...

| paperback | $17.95

Requiem for a People

Stephen Dow Beckham's classic history of southwestern Oregon's Rogue River Indian wars is the only complete record of the region's Native Americans and the destruction...

| paperback | $17.95

Frontier Doctor

In January 1905 Urling C. Coe moved to the new town of Bend, Oregon, to become the first licensed doctor in what he called "the...

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Yamsi, a 6000-acre working cattle ranch at the headwaters of the Williamson River in Oregon's Klamath Basin is the setting for Dayton Hyde's lively meditation...

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On the Highest Hill

The complex story of a shy young man whose life and fate are ruled by his love for a woman and a place — the...

| paperback | $15.95

A Homesteader's Portfolio

The passing of the Enlarged Homestead Act in 1909 brought tens of thousands of Americans to the arid West. Attracted by the promise of free...

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The story of a friendship between two men and a woman they both love, set in the Northwest woods during the heyday of steam logging.

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Wildmen, Wobblies & Whistle Punks

Stewart Holbrook was a high school dropout who emerged from logging camps to become the author of three dozen books, the Pacific Northwest’s foremost storyteller...

| paperback | $19.95

Beyond the Garden Gate

A classic story of a young man's coming of age, set in Eugene and the Willamette Valley in the early part of this century.

| paperback | $13.95

Happy Valley

A stylishly written novel of pioneer life in Harney County, Oregon.

| paperback | $15.95

Tall Tales from Rogue River

The tall tales of a colorful man who was proud of his reputation as the biggest liar in the country. Hathaway Jones (1870-1937) was a...

| paperback | $16.95

Nehalem Tillamook Tales

(Told by Clara Pearson, recorded by Elizabeth Derr Jacobs, and edited by Melville Jacobs.) A collection of 60 lively, entertaining, and memorable Native American stories...

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The Viewless Winds

This dark, fascinating novel is based on the unsolved murder of a union leader's wife in Aberdeen, Washington.

| paperback | $13.95

The Land Is Bright

The engrossing story of a wagon train crossing to the Northwest, experienced through the eyes of a young woman.

out of print

Botanical Exploration of the Trans-Mississippi West

A classic and fascinating history of botanical explorers in the West, ranging from the well known — such as Lewis and Clark, Menzies, and Douglas...

| hardcover | $99.95

Oregon Detour

Oregon Detour was first published in 1930, the first novel of a young Northwest journalist who became one of the region's best-known writers. Its new...

out of print

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