Brian Booth

Like H. L. Davis, Brian Booth was a native of Douglas County, Oregon. He was the founder of the Oregon Institute of Literary Arts (now Literary Arts) and the editor
of Wildmen, Wobblies, and Whistle Punks: Stewart Holbrook’s Lowbrow Northwest as well as co-editor of Davis Country. He practiced law in Portland, Oregon.

Books by this Author

Wildmen, Wobblies & Whistle Punks

Stewart Holbrook — high-school dropout, logger, journalist, storyteller, and historian — was one of the best-loved figures in the Pacific Northwest during the two decades...

| paperback | $19.95

Davis Country

Davis Country collects the best writings of H. L. Davis, one of the Northwest's premier authors and the only Oregonian to receive the Pulitzer Prize...

| paperback | $22.95

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