Edited by William L. Lang, the Culture and Environment in the Pacific West series explores a broad range of regional issues—historical and contemporary, urban and/or rural. The series was created to publish compelling analytical books about human interactions with various environments west of the Rockies.

Series Contents

Oregon Plans

Oregon Plans provides a rich, detailed, and nuanced analysis of the origins and early evolution of Oregon’s nationally renowned land-use planning program. Drawing primarily on...

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Empty Nets

Empty Nets is a disturbing history of broken promises and justice delayed. It chronicles the Columbia River Indians' fight to maintain their livelihood and culture...

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The Tillamook

Debates over the fate of ancient forests have been commonplace in the Pacific West for decades. The Tillamook takes up the question of younger forests...

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Frigid Embrace

Since the arrival of white settlers, Alaska has been dependent on the development of successive natural resources- fur, then gold, salmon, copper, timber, and now...

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The First Peoples initiative is a collaboration of four university presses with grant support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The initiative aims to demonstrate the ways Indigenous traditional and lived experiences contribute to and reframe discourses on the history, culture, identity and rights of Indigenous peoples worldwide. Indigenous studies encompasses scholarship on more than 370 million people from more than seventy countries. The field reflects and reinforces a dynamic international movement that is playing a vital role in nations across the globe.

Series Contents

Salmon Is Everything

After a devastating fish kill on the Klamath River, tribal members and theatre artist Theresa May developed a play to give voice to the central...

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Native Space

Native Space explores how Indigenous communities and individuals sustain and create geographies through place-naming, everyday cultural practices, and artistic activism, within the boundaries of the...

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Kanaka Hawai'i Cartography

Kanaka Hawai‘i cartographic practices are a compilation of intimate, interactive, and integrative processes that present place as “experienced space,” situate mapping in the environment, and...

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At the Hearth of the Crossed Races

Despite the force of Oregon’s founding mythology, the Willamette Valley was not an empty Eden awaiting settlement by hardy American pioneers. Rather, it was, as...

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Series Contents

Wild Beauty

Winner of a 2009 Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Book Award Selected by the Oregon Arts Commission to receive the American Masterpieces Initiative grant awarded by...

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Series Contents

Oregon Indians

In this deeply researched volume, Stephen Dow Beckham brings together commentary by Native Americans about the events affecting their lives in Oregon. Now available in...

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Another Way the River Has

Another Way the River Has collects Robin Cody’s finest nonfiction writings, many appearing for the first time in print. Cody’s prose rings with a sense...

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Nature's Justice

As the longest serving Justice in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court, William O. Douglas was known for writing a host of dissenting opinions...

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Davis Country

Davis Country collects the best writings of H. L. Davis, one of the Northwest's premier authors and the only Oregonian to receive the Pulitzer Prize...

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Series Contents

Honey in the Horn

Set in Oregon in the early years of the twentieth century, H. L. Davis’s Honey in the Horn chronicles the struggles faced by homesteaders as...

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Winner of the Sigurd Olson Nature Writing Award Naturalist and philosopher Kathleen Dean Moore meditates on connection and separation in these twenty-one elegant, probing essays...

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Voyage of a Summer Sun

Winner of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Book Award and the Oregon Book Award An Oregon State Library choice for “150 Books for the Oregon...

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The Prairie Keepers

In the remote northeast corner of Oregon lies the ruggedly beautiful Zumwalt Prairie, one of the last native prairies in the United States. A wild...

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Oregon Literature Series

Series Editor(s): George Venn, Ulrich H. Hardt

The Oregon Literature Series gathers in six volumes the best Oregon writing. It allows readers to sample work by hundreds of Oregon writers, from tribal tales and songs by the first Oregonians to stories, poems, and essays by the state's finest contemporary authors. And totaling over 2,000 pages, the collection provides enough enjoyable reading for an Oregon lifetime of rainy days.

"Probably the most remarkable endeavor in the state's literary history."—The Oregonian

Series Contents

The Stories We Tell

This first anthology of Oregon folk literature bears a special relationship to the other five volumes in the Oregon Literature Series. For collected here are...

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Talking on Paper

Contributors to this anthology of Oregon letters and diaries include a missionary and a gambler, a prosoner and a judge, a clown and a civil...

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Many Faces

The Oregon Literature Series is a unique cooperative effort of the Oregon Council of Teachers of English, which commissioned and created the series, and the...

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Varieties of Hope

Oregon has always been a place of hope and new beginning. Yet all who have come to Oregon have not shared the same hopes, nor...

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Series Contents

Science Without Frontiers

In his long career, Robert Fox has specialized in the history of the physical sciences, particularly in France since 1700. In Science without Frontiers, he...

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Grow Food, Cook Food, Share Food

Grow Food, Cook Food, Share Food is a practical food history lesson, an editorial on our use of packaged convenience foods, and a call to...

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Artisan/Practitioners and the Rise of the New Sciences, 1400-1600

This book provides the historical background for a central issue in the history of science: the influence of artisans, craftsmen, and other practitioners on the...

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Aetna and the Moon

Classical authors used both prose and poetry to explore and explain the natural world. In Aetna and the Moon, Liba Taub examines the variety of...

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Series editor: Dr. Melody Rose, Portland State University

Series Contents

The Only Woman in the Room

Norma Petersen Paulus grew up in Depression-era poverty in Eastern Oregon. She survived a bout with polio in her teens, taught herself to be a...

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Up the Capitol Steps

Up the Capitol Steps is a personal and political memoir by Oregon’s first (and only) woman governor, one of only thirty-four women who have served...

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Remembering the Power of Words

Remembering the Power of Words recounts the personal and professional journey of Avel Gordly, the first African-American woman elected to the Oregon State Senate. The...

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With Grit and By Grace

In the 1950s, Betty Roberts did what most of her contemporaries considered audacious and inappropriate when she returned to college as a 32-year-old wife and...

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