Sy Adler

Sy Adler has been researching and writing about various aspects of urban and regional planning in Oregon and Portland since 1982, when he arrived to teach at Portland State University, drawn in part because of the innovative city and regional plans and state initiatives that had been adopted and implemented. He is currently interim dean of the College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University.

Books by this Author

Planning the Portland Urban Growth Boundary

In this companion volume to Oregon Plans: The Making of an Unquiet Land Use Revolution, Sy Adler offers readers a deep analysis of planning Portland’s...

| paperback | $39.95

Oregon Plans

Oregon Plans provides a rich, detailed, and nuanced analysis of the origins and early evolution of Oregon’s nationally renowned land-use planning program. Drawing primarily on...

| paperback | $27.95

Planning the Oregon Way

Examines the Oregon land-use system, describes its strengths and weaknesses, and explores ways to improve and refine it.

This book is out of print

Planning a New West

With the recent decline of natural resource industries in the American West, a new economic future has dawned for the region, focused on tourism, service...

| hardcover | $29.95

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