David Oates

David Oates is the author of two books of poetry and four works of nonfiction, including Paradise Wild: Reimagining American Nature and City Limits: Walking Portland’s Boundary. His award-winning essays have appeared in Georgia Review, Creative Nonfiction, and Orion. He was Kittredge Distinguished Visiting Writer at the University of Montana and is founder and general editor of Kelson Books in Portland, Oregon. 

Books by this Author

The Mountains of Paris

Foreword Indies Award Finalist Living in Paris for a winter and a spring and waking each morning to a view of Notre Dame, David Oates...

| paperback | $22.95

Earth Rising

Explores the ways in which the science of ecology has provided a basis for a contemporary worldview that combines an intuitive sense of wholeness with...

| paperback | $17.95

Paradise Wild

As a lifelong mountaineer and reader of nature literature, as a scholar, as a descendant of naturalist William Bartram, and as a gay ex-Baptist who...

| paperback | $21.95

City Limits

"I walked all the way around Portland, along the invisible line called the Urban Growth Boundary. Where the dotted line followed rivers--the Sandy, the Clackamas...

| paperback | $18.95

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