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A Hunger for High Country

Before the 1970s few women were employed by the United States Forest Service. During the 1960s and 70s new environmental and fair employment laws meant...

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A Force for Change

A Force for Change is the first full-length study of the life and work of one of Oregon’s most dynamic civil rights activists, African American...

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Yours for Liberty

"When women's true history shall have been written, her part in the upbuilding of this nation will astound the world." —Abigail Scott Duniway Between 1871...

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A Municipal Mother

On April 1, 1908, Lola G. Baldwin, aged forty-eight, was sworn in "to perform Police Service" for the city of Portland, Oregon. She was the...

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Pacific Northwest Women, 1815-1925

A new view of western history is emerging, one that recognizes the experiences and contributions of all peoples who lived in or came to the...

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A Homesteader's Portfolio

The passing of the Enlarged Homestead Act in 1909 brought tens of thousands of Americans to the arid West. Attracted by the promise of free...

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