Paper pub. date
January 2002
ISBN 9780870715488 (paperback)
6 X 9 inches, 336 pages. Illustrations. Bibliography. Index.

Wildlife Viewing

A Management Handbook

Michael J. Manfredo

Wildlife viewing is an increasingly popular form of outdoor recreation, yet despite growing public interest, little attention has been directed toward developing professional planning and management tools for this activity.

Wildlife Viewing provides natural resource and recreation professionals with a useful model to help them manage wildlife and wildlife habitat in order to provide sustainable viewing opportunities. Emphasizing an approach called Experienced-based Management (EBM), the book synthesizes a wide variety of findings and concepts from the literature on recreation management. The authors describe the EBM approach, show how it can give direction to management planning, and discuss how biological management tools might be integrated with an EBM approach to managing wildlife-viewing recreation.

Wildlife and recreation professionals at all levels will find this book extremely valuable, as will graduate and undergraduate students in all natural resource fields.

About the author

Michael Manfredo is a Professor and head of the Department of Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism at Colorado State University. He is editor of the book, Influencing Human Behavior: Theory and Applications in Recreation, Tourism, and Natural Resources Management.

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Planning and Managing for Wildlife-viewing Recreation: An Introduction
      Michael J. Manfredo

Emergence and Importance of Wildlife Viewing in the United States
      Daniel J. Witter

Participation in Wildlife Viewing in North America
      Michael J. Manfredo, Cynthia L. Pierce, and Tara L. Teel

Benefits: The Basis for Action
      Michael J. Manfredo and B. L. Driver

An Experience-based Approach to Planning and Management for Wildlife-viewing Recreation
      Michael J. Manfredo, Cynthia Pierce, Jerry J. Vaske, and Doug Whittaker

A Planning Framework for Experience-based Wildlife-viewing Management
      David C. Fulton, Dough Whittaker, and Michael J. Manfredo

Informing the Planning Process Through Citizen Participation
      T. Bruce Lauber, Lisa C. Chase, and Daniel J. Decker

Indicators and Standards: Developing Definitions of Quality
      Jerry J. Vaske, Doug Whittaker, Bo Shelby, and Michael J. Manfredo

Choosing Actions: Problem Definition, Identifying Strategies, and Evaluation Criteria
      Doug Whittaker, Jerry J. Vaske, and Michael J. Manfredo

International Ecotourism and Experience-based Management
      Maureen P. Donnelly, Doug Whittaker, and Sandra Jonker

Build an Experience and They Will Come: Managing the Biology of Wildlife Viewing for Benefits to People and Wildlife
      R. Bruce Gill

Economic Considerations in Wildlife-viewing Planning
      Peter J. Fix, John B. Loomis, and Michael J. Manfredo

Information and Education for Managing Wildlife Viewing
      Alan Bright and Cynthia L. Pierce

Marketing Wildlife-viewing Experiences
      Mark Damian Duda and Steven J. Bissell

A Geomatic Approach to Wildlife Viewing-based Recreation Planning and Management
      Denis J. Dean

A Win-win Situation: Managing to Protect brown Bears Yields High Wildlife-viewer Statisfaction at McNeil River State Game Sanctuary
      Coleen Matt and Larry Aumiller

About the Authors


"In many ways this book is ahead of its time… It contains much original work and original thought and integrates appropriate work from many disciplines."

—Bob Hernbrode, Chief of Education, Colorado Division of Wildlife

"A significant contribution to the field of human dimensions in wildlife research, Manfredo's book will have great appeal to upper level undergraduate and graduate courses in resource management and human dimensions… [and] for practitioners in the field of wildlife and natural resource management."

—Prof. Cem M. Basman, Editor, Journal of Interpretation Research

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