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Two Paths Toward Sustainable Forests

Public Values in Canada and the United States

Bruce Shindler, Thomas M. Beckley and Mary Carmel Finley

6 × 9 inches. Illustrations. Index. 368 pages.

2003. ISBN 978-0-87071-561-7. Paperback, $34.95.

Two Paths toward Sustainable Forests is the first book to examine the social and economic aspects of sustainable forestry and the resulting impacts on resource policy in Canada and the United States.

The extraction-oriented policies that dominated forest management in the two countries for more than a century have in recent decades given way to new approaches. Today, the U.S. and Canada face a common challenge: to achieve a sustainable form of forest management that has wide public support. The premise of Two Paths toward Sustainable Forests is that academics and students, resource professionals, policymakers, and members of industry, environmental, and forest community groups can benefit from a comparison of the situations on either side of the border. By comparing the challenges of sustainable forestry and the different approaches adopted in Canada and the U.S., this book points the way toward potential solutions to common problems.

Contributors include sociologists, research foresters, economists, political scientists, and geographers, as well as scholars in recreation and tourism. Together, their writings provide an in-depth interdisciplinary perspective on Canadian and U.S. efforts to manage public forests on a sustainable basis.

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