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To the Promised Land

A History of Government and Politics in Oregon

Tom Marsh

6 × 9 inches. B&W photographs and illustrations. References. Footnotes. Index. 528 pages.

2012. ISBN 978-0-87071-657-7. Paperback, $29.95.

A comprehensive political history of Oregon, To the Promised Land examines the social and economic changes the state has pioneered over almost two hundred years. Highlighting major political figures, campaigns, and ballot measures, Tom Marsh traces the evolution of Oregon from incorporated territory to a state at the forefront of national environmental and social movements.

From the first letter sent to Congress by Jason Lee, urging them to take possession of the Oregon Country for the United States, to John Kitzhaber’s precedent-setting third term as governor; from the land frauds of the early twentieth century to the state’s land-use planning goals; from the Beach Bill to the Bottle Bill, this book tells Oregon’s story.

To the Promised Land provides the first general history of Oregon’s state government and political leaders. Marsh combines the clear expository style of a professional educator with the expertise of a political inside —a former U.S. history high school teacher, he also served two terms in the Oregon House of Representatives.

Featuring interesting trivia, historical photographs, and biographical sketches of key politicians, this book will be a popular volume for general readers and public libraries as well as for textbook use in secondary and higher education classrooms.

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