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Pacific Northwest Women, 1815-1925

Lives, Memories, and Writings

Jean M. Ward and Elaine A. Maveety

Illustrated with photographs. Bibliography. Index. 352 pages.

1995. ISBN 0-87071-393-4. Paperback, $21.95.

1995. ISBN 0-87071-387-6. Hardcover, $34.95.

This book is out of print

A new view of western history is emerging, one that recognizes the experiences and contributions of all peoples who lived in or came to the American West. Pacific Northwest Women, a remarkable collection of stories, essays, memoirs, letters, and poems, contributes to this new understanding and challenges many myths about women who lived and worked — and wrote — in the West.

This anthology gives voice and interpretation to the experiences of a diverse group of women, all of whom were part of the Pacific Northwest, defined here as Oregon and Washington. The editors, in addition to asking how race, class, and gender affected these women's experiences, examine what role place played in shaping their lives.

Selections by more than 30 authors illustrate the diversity of women's experiences in the Northwest between 1815 and 1925. Many of the pieces have been neglected or overlooked in studies of western women; some have never before been presented to contemporary audiences. The selections are arranged according to four recurring themes: connecting with nature, coping with circumstances, caregiving to others, and communicating for the self and others. Each author is introduced in an essay that includes biographical information and provides historical and cultural context for a contemporary reading. The essays also explore the modern-day concept of empowerment in the experiences of these women.

Includes selections by Nancy Perkins Wynecoop, Alice Day Pratt, Ella Rhoads Higginson, Anne Shannon Monroe, Narcissa Prentiss Whitman, Amanda Gardener Johnson, Margaret Jewett Bailey, Abigail Scott Duniway, Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, Sui Sin Far, and Hazel Hall.

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