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Mammals of the Pacific Northwest

From the Coast to the High Cascades

Chris Maser

7 × 10 inches. Illus. Map. Glossary. Index. 512 pages.

1998. ISBN 978-0-87071-438-2. Paperback, $26.95.

This remarkable book offers an intimate look at the life histories and habitats of mammals in the Pacific Northwest, from the coast to the high Cascades. In introducing the region's mammals, Chris Maser combines current scientific knowledge with personal accounts and anecdotes drawn from over a quarter century of fieldwork in Oregon. The book covers the natural history of 89 mammals in Oregon, 70 in Washington, 67 in British Columbia, and 83 in Northern California.

For each species of mammal, the book provides a physical description and detailed information on distribution, habitat, and behavior. A keen observer of animal life, Maser relates his own encounters in the wild-from a rare, firsthand description of how shrews hunt and kill their prey to a tour of a mountain beaver's burrow-to help readers better understand the animals he has come to know. Maser delves into the secrets of how mammals live and explores the dynamic relationships between the mammals of the Pacific Northwest and their habitats.

Intended for general readers and students, Mammals of the Pacific Northwest provides a fascinating natural history of the region's wildlife. The book is illustrated with over 100 photographs of mammals and their tracks, dens, nests, and young.

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