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Handbook of Northwestern Plants Revised Edition

Helen M. Gilkey and La Rea J. Dennis

6 × 9 inches. Line drawings. Glossary. Index. 512 pages.

2001. ISBN 978-0-87071-490-0. Paperback, $34.95s.

The Handbook of Northwestern Plantshas long been one of the most respected and widely used guides for identifying the plants of western Washington and Oregon. Earlier editions of this book have been used by thousands of botany students and other interested individuals to identify hundreds of different species of plants, while learning how to use analytical plant keys and the basic botanical terminology necessary to understand and accurately identify plants in the field.

Intended for use by teachers, students, scientists, amateur botanists, and outdoor enthusiasts, the Handbook of Northwestern Plants brings together in one comprehensive but convenient volume the information necessary to identify the amazing variety of plants found between the Cascade mountains and Pacific Coast in Washington and Oregon as far south as the Umpqua divide. The glossary of botanical terms, illustrations of different types of leaves and flowers, and hundreds of line drawings that highlight the identifying features of various plants will be especially valuable to students and beginners.

To make this new edition as accurate and up-to-date as possible, author La Rea J. Dennis has updated the nomenclature to conform to the latest scientific literature, added species, and revised some plant descriptions and keys. To make the book easier to use, the genera and species have bee arranged alphabetically within families, and the longer keys have been numbered. As in earlier editions, hundreds of excellent line drawings illustrate the key characteristics of various plants.

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