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Meet the Spring 2016 Authors

January 8, 2016

Writing is no simple task! The process is arduous and requires what can feel like a lifetime of editing and rewriting. Even so, writing a book is only the first step on a long journey to publication. Here at OSU Press, as at all university presses, every book we publish is first subjected to a rigorous peer review process.

When an author submits a proposal or manuscript, our acquisitions editor sends it out to several experts in the field for peer review. If the response is positive, the project is then submitted to our editorial board for approval. The board may approve the proposal or manuscript as is, or they may request revisions and additional peer review. Once the board recommends publication, a publishing contract is offered, the manuscript is delivered, and the book begins its long journey through the editing, design, and production process. Authors must wrestle with such non-writing-related chores as indexing and obtaining photo permissions, all while working through multiple rounds of editing and page proofs before the book obtains its final form and is sent off to the printer.

One of my favorite parts of working for the OSU Press is when the books come back from the printer. I’m so excited when the boxes come and I open them to see the brand new printed books. This is it: the book is ready for others to enjoy.

Our authors create something amazing that doesn’t end with the writing, something that most of us can only dream of doing. With appreciation and awe, we would like to introduce the authors of our Spring 2016 books:


Author: Hob Osterlund