Paper pub. date
June 2019
ISBN 9780870719639 (paperback)
ISBN 9780870719646 (ebook)
6 x 9, 224 pages. 24 figures and tables. Index.

Northwest Voices

Language and Culture in the Pacific Northwest

Kristin Denham

The Pacific Northwest has long been a linguistically rich region, yet there are few books devoted its unique linguistic heritage. The essays collected in Northwest Voices examine the historical background of the Pacific Northwest, the contributions of indigenous languages, the regional legacy of English, and the relationship between our perceptions of people and the languages they speak.

Although not often considered a bastion of diversity, linguistic or otherwise, in fact the Pacific Northwest has had a surprising number of influences on the English language, and a great number of other languages have left their mark on the region in a variety of ways. Individual essays examine the region’s linguistic diversity, explore the origins and use of place names, and detail efforts to revive indigenous languages.

Written for both general readers and language scholars, Northwest Voices brings together research and perspectives from linguistics, history, and cultural studies to help readers understand how and why the language of our region is of utmost importance to our pasts, presents, and futures.

Edwin Battistella
Kara Becker
Kathy Cole
Kristin Denham
Betsy Evans
Russell Hugo
Danica Sterud Miller
David Pippin
Allan Richardson
Jordan B. Sandoval
Alicia Beckford Wassink
Henry Zenk

About the author

KRISTIN DENHAM is Professor of Linguistics at Western Washington University. She received her PhD in linguistics from the University of Washington. She is co-author of Why Study Linguistics, Navigating English Grammar, and Linguistics for Everyone, and co-editor of Linguistics at School: Language Awareness in Primary and Secondary Education and Language in the Schools: Integrating Linguistic Knowledge into K–12 Teaching. She teaches courses on syntax, Salishan languages, language and identity, endangered languages, English grammar, and linguistics in education.

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