Paper pub. date
May 2009
ISBN 9780870714214 (paperback)
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 176 pages. B&W and color photographs. Index.

Living with Bugs

Least-Toxic Solutions to Everyday Bug Problems

Jack DeAngelis

Living with Bugs answers every homeowner’s questions about the insects and related critters that share our homes and living spaces. Jack DeAngelis examines more than 50 of the most commonly encountered household pests, from ants to scabies to vinegar flies, and offers environmentally friendly solutions for managing them, distinguishing situations requiring immediate attention from those needing simple monitoring.

Living with Bugs is an essential guide for homeowners, master gardeners, and cooperative extension agents.

Includes more than ninety color and black-and-white photographs and drawings of the featured species; an identification guide to common pests; information about life history; and advice about control. Plus information on entomophobia and delusions; Internet and local resources; electronic pest control; biorational (“eco-friendly”) pesticides; buying pest control services; and simple “keys” to identification of an unknown bug.

About the author

Jack DeAngelis is an urban entomologist with the Oregon State University Extension Service. He was professor at Oregon State University for fifteen years, where he conducted pest management research and taught urban entomology. He holds a PhD in entomology from Oregon State University, an MS in Biology from New Mexico State University, and a BA in Zoology from Miami University.

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