Paper pub. date
January 2004
ISBN 9780967636436 (paperback)
5 x 7 inches, 56 pages. Full-color maps. Full-color and b&w photographs.

Klamath Heartlands

A Guide to the Klamath Reservation Forest Plan

Edward C. Wolf
An Ecotrust Book

Klamath Heartlands introduces the unique-in-the-nation plan by the Klamath Tribes of southern Oregon to restore the "remembered forest" of their former reservation, an area that Oregon governor Tom McCall called "the greatest single stand of ponderosa pines to be found anywhere in the West." Part of the Tribes' effort to regain lands they lost in 1954, the Klamath Reservation Forest Plan offers a vision of ecological and cultural restoration that will change the way we think about Western forests.

Klamath Heartlands combines photographs, maps, and text in a sturdy and engaging field guide. A series of fold-out and fold-up map pages leads each reader into the forest itself to discover the Tribes' vision and the significance of achieving it.

About the author

Edward C. Wolf is an environmental writer and editor whose books include Salmon Nation, The Rain Forests of Home, and A Tidewater Place. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

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"The Klamath Tribes have developed a remarkable plan to restore the forests of their historic Reservation. Klamath Heartlands tells their story in a compelling way."

-Mark O. Hatfield, United States Senator, Oregon (retired)

"This plan for integrating the human community and the Klamath forests is founded on several kinds of justice. Within the provisions for just relations lie the plan's several kinds of wisdom."

-Barry Lopez

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