John F. Reiger

John F. Reiger is Professor Emeritus of History at Ohio University-Chillicothe and the former Executive Director of the Connecticut Audubon Society. His other books include The Passing of the Great West: Selected Papers of George Bird Grinnell and "Gifford Pinchot with Rod and Reel"/"Trading Places: From Historian to Environmental Activist"—Two Essays in Conservation History.

Books by this Author

Escaping Into Nature

Escaping into Nature is the story of an angler and hunter who found a cause and a calling and combined them for his life’s work...

| paperback | $24.95

American Sportsmen and the Origins of Conservation

Environmentalists who believe that hunters and anglers are interested only in the kill and the catch may be surprised to learn that sportsmen were originally...

| paperback | $24.95

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