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Oregon's Promise

A concise and compelling general history, Oregon's Promise explores familiar and neglected people and movements in the state's history, while challenging readers to view Oregon's...

| paperback | $19.95

Salmon Fishers of the Columbia

A comprehensive historical, social, and economic picture of the Columbia River salmon industry which noted environmental historian Richard White has described as "the best introduction...

| hardcover | $21.95


Finalist, Oregon Book Award This is the definitive book on Portland's political history, beginning in 1845 when a 16-lot townsite was laid out on the...

| hardcover | $29.95

Uncertain Encounters

A major contribution to the study of Indian-white relations in the Pacific Northwest, Uncertain Encounters provides a comprehensive view of relations in southern Oregon over...

| paperback | $17.95

The Lumberman's Frontier

With The Lumberman’s Frontier, Thomas Cox has reconstructed a groundbreaking history that stands apart from all previous studies of American forests. Forests were ubiquitous in...

| paperback | $35.00

Waging War on the Home Front

The United States' entry into World War II necessitated rapid mobilization of the country's shipbuilding industry. A massive national effort was needed to build ships...

| paperback | $24.95

Eden Within Eden

Oregon has long been a destination for those seeking new beginnings. Since the establishment of the Aurora Colony in 1856, the state has been the...

| paperback | $24.95

An Editor for Oregon

In chronicling the life of Oregon governor and newspaper editor Charles A. Sprague, Floyd McKay guides readers through the politics and journalism of twentieth-century Oregon...

| hardcover | $24.95

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