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Where the Wind Dreams of Staying

In his powerful memoir Where the Wind Dreams of Staying, Eric Dieterle captures the emotional storms of a boy, and then a man, who seeks...

| paperback | $18.95

On the Ragged Edge of Medicine

On the Ragged Edge of Medicine offers a unique and personal glimpse into a medical practice for the homeless and urban poor in Portland, Oregon...

| paperback | $18.95

Accidental Gravity

The compelling essays in Bernard Quetchenbach’s Accidental Gravity move from upstate New York to the western United States, from urban and suburban places to wild...

| paperback | $22.95

The Only Woman in the Room

Norma Petersen Paulus grew up in Depression-era poverty in Eastern Oregon. She survived a bout with polio in her teens, taught herself to be a...

| paperback | $24.95

My Life, by Louis Kenoyer

My Life, by Louis Kenoyer was dictated in Tualatin Northern Kalapuya by Louis Kenoyer, the last known speaker of that language. A rare, first-person narrative...

| paperback | $35.00

Beginner's Luck

In the late 1960s, Malcolm Terence left his job as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times to look for adventure and may have found...

| paperback | $19.95


Undercurrents recounts the life and career of John Byrne, who started as a geologist at an oil company and retired as president of a major...

| paperback | $35.00

Listening for Coyote

The spirit of the wilderness is an elusive quarry. William Sullivan's quest for it took him on a 1,361-mile solo backpacking trek across his native...

| paperback | $18.95

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