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I Have Not Loved You With My Whole Heart

I Have Not Loved You With My Whole Heart is a memoir of trauma, healing, faith, and violence. At its center is the author’s father...

| paperback | $19.95

Ellie's Strand

Sigrud Olson Nature Writing Award, Notable Children’s Book Green Earth Book Award, Honor Book There are days in late winter when the Pacific coast enjoys...

| paperback | $17.95

Son of Amity

Three lives on the verge of ruin intersect in the small Oregon town of Amity: Pika, a half-Samoan ex-con from California, seeks to deliver justice...

| paperback | $18.95

Long Journey

Winner of the PNBA 2007 William Stafford Memorial Poetry Award Long Journey showcases work by over 80 of the Pacific Northwest's leading poets. Of the...

| paperback | $22.95

Many Faces

The Oregon Literature Series is a unique cooperative effort of the Oregon Council of Teachers of English, which commissioned and created the series, and the...

| paperback | $21.95

Marking the Magic Circle

Award: Silver Medal and Special Award for Oregon Literature, Literary Arts, 1988 Award: 100 Best Oregon Books (1800-2000), Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission, 2005 George Venn...

| paperback | $15.95

The Eclipse I Call Father

In The Eclipse I Call Father: Essays on Absence, David Axelrod recalls a balmy night in May 1970 when he vowed to allow no one...

| paperback | $21.95

Edge of Awe

This compelling anthology gathers together personal impressions of the Malheur-Steens country of southeastern Oregon, known for its birding opportunities, its natural beauty and remoteness, and...

| paperback | $19.95

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