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River Pigs and Cayuses

Ron Strickland’s oral histories recover a part of the original Northwest character that is rapidly disappearing. In River Pigs and Cayuses, he gathers stories from...

| paperback | $17.95

Paradise Wild

As a lifelong mountaineer and reader of nature literature, as a scholar, as a descendant of naturalist William Bartram, and as a gay ex-Baptist who...

| paperback | $21.95

A Place for Wayfaring

An excellent introduction for readers coming to Gary Snyder for the first time and an overview of the work for the many readers already familiar...

| paperback | $21.95

Up All Night

Night, inhospitable and dangerous, tantalizes the imagination. Rarely are we awake to see it through. This fascinating collection of voices from the graveyard shift shows...

| paperback | $17.95

Varieties of Hope

Oregon has always been a place of hope and new beginning. Yet all who have come to Oregon have not shared the same hopes, nor...

| paperback | $24.95

The Viewless Winds

This dark, fascinating novel is based on the unsolved murder of a union leader's wife in Aberdeen, Washington.

| paperback | $13.95


Publishers Weekly in its review of this book called it "the first book of poetry ever to have movie potential."

| paperback | $9.95

Wood Works

Charles Erskine Scott Wood (1852-1944) led an extraordinary life--long, varied, and controversial. Soldier, poet, attorney, satirist, anarchist, reformer, bon vivant, painter, and pacifist--C. E. S...

| hardcover | $29.95

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