Paper pub. date
October 2022
ISBN 9780870712098 (paperback)
6 x 9 inches, 580 pages. 41 b&w figures. 20 tables. Bibliography. Index.
Available October 2022

Studies in Outdoor Recreation

Search and Research for Satisfaction
Fourth Edition
Robert E. Manning
With Laura Anderson, Megha Budruk, Kelly Goonan, Jeffrey Hallo, Daniel Laven, Steven Lawson, Rebecca Stanfield McCown, Ben Minteer, Peter Newman, Elizabeth Perry, Peter Pettengill, Nathan Reigner, William Valliere, Carena van Riper, and Xiao Xiao

Studies in Outdoor Recreation is a standard text in courses on parks and outdoor recreation, a guide to the scholarly literature for graduate students and researchers, and a reference book for managers and practitioners. The first book to review the social science literature on outdoor recreation, it examines studies from this broad, interdisciplinary field, integrates them into coherent chapters on relevant issues and topics, and synthesizes research findings into a body of knowledge. The final chapter presents a series of principles designed to guide park and outdoor recreation research and inform park and wilderness management. The book includes an extensive bibliography of 2,000 references and a guide to the social science literature that leads readers to primary source materials.

This fourth edition is fully updated and revised to reflect current research and new issues in the field, such as the evolving meaning of parks and wilderness, new models of parks, sustainable transportation in outdoor recreation, equitable access to outdoor recreation opportunities, the role of outdoor recreation in physical and mental wellbeing, the effects of climate change on outdoor recreation use and management, and theoretical and empirical issues in outdoor recreation research.

About the author

Robert Manning is Steven Rubenstein Professor (Emeritus) at the University of Vermont, and the book’s co-authors include leading scholars and practitioners from across the U.S. and the world. All co-authors were affiliated with the University of Vermont Park Studies Laboratory, recognized for its long-term program of research with the U.S. National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, and other park and outdoor recreation management agencies and organizations.

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