Paper pub. date
June 2022
ISBN 9780870711671 (paperback)
ISBN 9780870711756 (ebook)
6 x 9, 344 pages. Full-color photographs throughout. 26 charts. Bibliography. Index.
Available June 2022

Native and Ornamental Conifers in the Pacific Northwest

Identification, Botany, and Natural History

Elizabeth A. Price

Most conifer guides available for the Pacific Northwest focus on native species observed in the wild. Native and Ornamental Conifers in the Pacific Northwest presents an integrated perspective for understanding and identifying conifers in any landscape where native and ornamental species grow alongside each other. It is suitable for landscape designers, horticulturalists, arborists, gardeners, environmental scientists, and botanists.

Based on her experiences teaching workshops on conifer identification and cultivation, Elizabeth Price has developed Jargon-free photographic charts, which allow for side-by-side comparison of conifer features and guide the reader to species identification. The charts are detailed enough for specialists yet accessible to amateurs.

The book includes extensive material on the characteristics, botany, and natural history of conifer plant families, genera, and species, all illustrated with original photographs. Research across many disciplines is blended with direct observation and personal experience, creating a book that goes beyond identification and is both rigorous and engaging.

About the author

Elizabeth A. Price is a certified Oregon State Master Gardener who has been leading workshops on conifers for over a decade. She holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of Arizona and has worked as a writer, editor, and curriculum designer. An avid hiker, researcher, and photographer, she has resided among the conifer forests of the Pacific Northwest for almost twenty five years.

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