ISBN 9780870711077 (ebook)
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 448 pages. Color photographs. Bibliography. Illustrated glossary. Index.
Paperback ISBN 9780870715655 is out of print. A new edition will be published in October, 2023.

Macrolichens of the Pacific Northwest

Second Edition
Linda Geiser and Bruce McCune
Photographs by Stephen Sharnoff, Sylvia Duran Sharnoff, Bruce McCune, and others. Illustrations by Alexander Mikulin.

A key component in healthy ecosystems, lichens can be found in almost any natural habitat in the Pacific Northwest. This comprehensive guide to the region’s macrolichens is intended for use by beginners as well as specialists: weekend naturalists will be able to identify specimens and recognize the great diversity of lichens, while lichenologists and mycologists will gain greater knowledge of the distribution and abundance of various species.

This revised and expanded edition of Macrolichens of the Pacific Northwest includes 116 new species and 176 additional illustrations and incorporates an understanding of macrolichens that has advanced tremendously in the past decade.

Macrolichens of the Pacific Northwest includes keys to 113 genera and 586 species of Oregon and Washington macrolichens—all the macrolichens known or expected to occur in the two states. The keys also provide reasonable coverage for lichens of Idaho and Montana, inland to the Continental Divide. Color photographs and detailed descriptions are provided for 246 species, emphasizing lichens prevalent in forested ecosystems.

The illustrated glossary and introductory material cover the terminology needed to identify macrolichens and provide information on collection and handling. The biology, ecology, and air-quality sensitivity of lichens are discussed; regional air-quality sensitivities are provided for 184 species.

Macrolichens of the Pacific Northwest will prove invaluable to anyone seeking to identify lichens or to better understand these organisms and their vital role in the natural world.

About the author

Linda Geiser is an ecologist and air quality specialist for the U.S. Forest Service in Corvallis. She is coauthor of Lichens of Southeastern Alaska.

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Bruce McCune is professor of botany and plant pathology at Oregon State University. He is coauthor of Macrolichens of the Northern Rocky Mountains, The Lichens of British Columbia, Vol. 1, and Biotic Soil Crust Lichens of the Columbia Basin.

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