Paper pub. date
April 2013
ISBN 9780870716850 (paperback)
7 x 10 inches, 344 pages. Color photographs. References. Glossary. Index.

Land Snails and Slugs of the Pacific Northwest

Thomas E. Burke
Photographs by William P. Leonard

Terrestrial mollusks, the second largest phylum in the animal kingdom, are vitally important to the earth’s ecology. With the publication of Land Snails and Slugs of the Pacific Northwest, a definitive and comprehensive guide to snails and slugs of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and western Montana is finally available.

Primarily an identification guide, this richly illustrated volume offers complete information on the range of terrestrial mollusk shapes, sizes, and characteristics. It presents an overview of their habitat requirements as well as details of land snail and slug ecology, collection and preservation methods, and biogeography.

Land Snails and Slugs of the Pacific Northwest is an essential reference for biologists, horticulturalists, gardeners, and naturalists, and anyone wishing to identify species in the field.

• Identification keys and species accounts for most of the 245 taxa of terrestrial slugs and snails in the region

• 280 full-color photographs of 155 species and subspecies

• Range maps for most species


    Pristiloma idahoense                                                   Cryptomastix germana    

Cryptomastix germana  Pristiloma idahoense






William P. Leonard is an experienced wildlife photographer and biologist who has authored other field guides, including Reptiles of Washington and Oregon and Amphibians of the Pacific Northwest.


About the author

Thomas E. Burke is a retired U.S. Forest Service Wildlife Biologist who has worked extensively with terrestrial mollusks, on the Northwest Forest Plan Survey and Management Program’s mollusk taxa team, in annual species reviews, and in developing management recommendations.

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