Paper pub. date
January 2007
ISBN 9781880377024 (paperback)
7 x 10 inches, 360 pages. B&W photographs. Bibliography. Index.

The First Oregonians

Second Edition
Laura Berg
Copublished by Oregon Council for the Humanities.

Originally published in 1991, The First Oregonians has been revised and expanded for a new generation of Oregonians. It provides a comprehensive view of Oregon's native peoples from the past to the present.

In this remarkable volume, Oregon Indians tell their own stories—more than half of the chapters are written by members of Oregon's nine federally recognized tribes. Using oral histories and personal recollections, these chapters vividly depict not only a history of decimation and decline, but also a contemporary view of cultural revitalization, renewal, and continuity. The First Oregonians also includes essays by prominent Northwest scholars exploring geography, federal-Indian relations, language, and art.

No other book offers as wide a variety of views and stories about the historical and contemporary experience of Oregon Indians. The First Oregonians is the definitive volume for anyone interested in the fascinating story of Oregon’s first peoples.

Contributors: C. Melvin Aikens, Stephen Dow Beckham, Marilyn Couture, Douglas Deur, Yvonne Hajda, Eugene Hunn, Dell Hymes, Jennifer Karson, Robert Kentta, Bill Mercer, Brent Merrill, Wil Phinney, Michael Rondeau, Howard P. Roy, Minerva T. Soucie, Kathryn Anne Toepel, George B. Wasson, Jr., and Elizabeth Woody.

About the Publisher

Oregon Council for the Humanities is an independent, nonprofit affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities that offers Oregonians the opportunity to reflect upon and discuss the critical issues and ideas of our time.

About the author

Laura Berg is a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon.

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