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Women and Politics in the Pacific Northwest

Series editor: Dr. Melody Rose, Portland State University

This series explores the many roles women have played in Northwest politics, both historically and in modern times. Taking a broad definition of political activity, the series examines the role of women in elected office and the barriers to their role in the electoral arena, as well as the examples of women as advocates and agitators outside the halls of power. Illuminating the various roles played by diverse and under-represented groups of women and considering the differences among and between groups of women, acknowledging that women of the Northwest do not experience politics in a single, uniform way, are particular goals of this series.

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Remembering the Power of Words recounts the personal and professional journey of Avel Gordly, the first...

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Up the Capitol Steps is a personal and political memoir by Oregon’s first (and only) woman governor, one of...

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In the 1950s, Betty Roberts did what most of her contemporaries considered audacious and inappropriate when she...

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