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The People's School
Paperback: October 2017
Hardcover: October 2017

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The Salem Clique
Paperback: June 2017

During the decade of the 1850s, the Oregon Territory progressed toward statehood in an atmosphere of intense political passion and conflict. Editors of...

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The Troubled Life of Peter Burnett
Paperback: May 2018

Few people in the nineteenth-century American West could boast the achievements of Peter Burnett. He helped organize the first major wagon train to the...

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Through a Green Lens
Paperback: October 2016

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To Win the Indian Heart
Paperback: May 2014

Since 1879, Indian children from all regions of the United States have entered federal boarding schools—institutions designed to assimilate them into...

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Toward a Natural Forest
By Jim Furnish
Paperback: April 2015

Jim Furnish joined the U.S. Forest Service in 1965, enthusiastic and naive, proud to be part of such a storied and accomplished agency. Nothing could have...

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Trying Home
Paperback: June 2014

The true story of an anarchist colony on a remote Puget Sound peninsula, Trying Home traces the history of Home, Washington, from its founding in...

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Turning Down the Sound
Paperback: May 2014

In his new travelogue, Foster Church guides adventurers—lifelong residents of the Northwest and visitors alike—to the small communities beyond the state’s...

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Paperback: February 2018

Undercurrents recounts the life and career of John Byrne, who started as a geologist at an oil company and retired as president of a major land grant...

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Where the Wind Dreams of Staying
Paperback: September 2016
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