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Northwest Voices
Paperback: June 2019

The Pacific Northwest has long been a linguistically rich region, yet there are few books devoted its unique linguistic heritage. The essays collected in...

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Numbers and Nerves
Paperback: October 2015


We live in the age of Big Data, awash in a sea of ever-expanding information—a constant...

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On the Ragged Edge of Medicine
Paperback: March 2017

On the Ragged Edge of Medicine offers a unique and personal glimpse into a medical practice for the homeless and urban poor in Portland, Oregon. Told...

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On the Run
Paperback: April 2021
Catherine Doucette is a backcountry skier, horseback rider, and mountaineer—roles that have resulted in adventures where she is often the only woman in a group...
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Oregon Painters
Paperback: May 2021
Hardcover: March 2021
Since the first edition of Oregon Painters was published in 1999, it has served as an invaluable reference to the early history of Northwest art, with...
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Outsiders in a Promised Land
By Dale Soden
Paperback: November 2015


Outsiders in a Promised Land ...

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Penguins in the Desert
By Eric Wagner
Paperback: April 2018

Most of us wouldn’t think to look for penguins in a hot desert, but every year along a windswept edge of coastal Patagonia, hundreds of thousands of...

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Persistent Callings
Paperback: October 2019

The Nestucca Valley is a small watershed, tucked away in one corner of a county in far western Oregon. There are no incorporated towns, and cows outnumber...

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Raw Material
Paperback: October 2018

Follow a sweater with an “Italian Merino” label back far enough and chances are its life began not in Milan, but in Montana. Many people want to look behind...

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By DJ Lee
Paperback: March 2020
When DJ Lee’s dear friend vanishes in the vast Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness of Idaho and Montana, she travels there to seek answers. The journey unexpectedly...
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