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Black Woman in Green
Paperback: February 2020

2020 PNBA Bestseller

From an unlikely beginning as an agency transcriptionist in her hometown of Washington, DC, Gloria Brown...
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Boundary Layer
By Kem Luther
Paperback: May 2016

In atmospheric science, a boundary layer is the band of air nearest the ground. In the Pacific Northwest, the boundary layer teems with lichens, mosses,...

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Building a Better Nest
Paperback: June 2015

For fifteen years, Evelyn Hess and her husband David lived in a tent and trailer, without electricity or running water, on twenty acres of wild land in the...

Book cover
Canyon, Mountain, Cloud
Paperback: May 2021
What do we seek and what do we find when we visit parks and protected areas? What does it mean to become so deeply attached to a beautiful, wild place that it...
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Catch and Release
By Les AuCoin
Paperback: September 2019

In 1974, at the age of thirty-two, Les AuCoin became the first Democrat to win a US House seat in Oregon’s First District. He was one of...

Book cover
Children and Other Wild Animals
By Brian Doyle
Paperback: October 2014

Winner of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award

In Children and Other Wild Animals, bestselling novelist Brian Doyle (...

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Clifford Gleason
By Roger Hull
Hardcover: August 2020


Clifford Gleason (1913-1978), who grew up in Salem and spent his adult life in both Salem and...

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Collegiate Architecture and Landscape in the West
Paperback: October 2019
In the story of how campus architecture evolved in the nation, and in microcosm at Willamette University speci­fically, we see a rich reflection of our...
Book cover
Dangerous Subjects
Paperback: October 2017



Book cover
Diary of a Citizen Scientist
Paperback: October 2014

Winner of the 2016 John Burroughs Medal Award for Natural History Writing

In the exploding world of citizen science, hundreds of thousands of...

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