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For the Love of Rivers
Paperback: February 2015

Winner of the Sigurd Olson Nature Writing Award

Rivers and streams supply our water and capture our imaginations. We seek the more pristine...

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Hiking from Portland to the Coast
Paperback: October 2016

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Holy Mōlī
Paperback: May 2016

Hob Osterlund moved to Hawaii after being visited in a dream by an ancestor, Martha Beckwith, author of the monumental classic, Hawaiian Mythology....

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Honey in the Horn
By H. L. Davis
Paperback: June 2015

Set in Oregon in the early years of the twentieth century, H. L. Davis’s Honey in the Horn chronicles the struggles faced by homesteaders as they...

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By Peter Laufer
Paperback: September 2014

In conjunction with the Center for Innovation and Civic Engagement, contributors include Pulitzer-prize winning reporter and UO professor Alex Tizon,...

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Kanaka Hawai'i Cartography
Paperback: April 2017

Kanaka Hawai‘i cartographic practices are a compilation of intimate, interactive, and integrative processes that present place as “experienced space,”...

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Keeping Oregon Green
Paperback: November 2016

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Paperback: November 2016

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Learning to Like Muktuk
Paperback: November 2014

When Penelope Easton, a young, vigorous, sensible WWII veteran with a Masters in Public Health Nutrition, embarked on a journey to Territorial Alaska to...

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Living Off the Pacific Ocean Floor
Paperback: November 2015

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