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Book cover
"Therefore, Choose Life..."
By Moisey Wolf
Paperback: June 2014

Book cover
A Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Oregon
Paperback: October 2016

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A Hunger for High Country
By Susan Marsh
Paperback: November 2014

Before the 1970s few women were employed by the United States Forest Service. During the 1960s and 70s new environmental and fair employment laws meant that...

Book cover
A Man for All Seasons
Paperback: June 2015

The life of prominent Oregon political leader Monroe Sweetland spans the spectrum of 20th-century America. Through seven decades, Sweetland experienced the...

Book cover
A Naturalist’s Guide to the Hidden World of Pacific Northwest Dunes
Paperback: June 2016

From Northern California to British Columbia, coastal dunes and beaches provide a unique habitat for plants, animals, and insects. With A Naturalist’s...

Book cover
A School for the People
Hardcover: October 2015

Book cover
American Dreamers
By Ken Austin
Hardcover: January 2015

Ken Austin rose from humble roots in rural Oregon to build a multi-million dollar international business, guided by a core set of principles and the...

Book cover
Ancestral Places
By Katrina-Ann R. Kapāʻanaokalāokeola Nākoa Oliveira
Paperback: May 2014

Ancestral Places explores the deep connections that ancestral Kānaka (Native Hawaiians) enjoyed with their environment. It honors the moʻolelo (...

Book cover
At the Hearth of the Crossed Races
By Melinda Marie Jetté
Paperback: June 2015

Despite the force of Oregon’s founding mythology, the Willamette Valley was not an empty Eden awaiting settlement by hardy American pioneers. Rather, it was...

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