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General Introduction
Introduction: Finding Oregon in Short Fiction

Native American Oral Tales

Nez Perce, "Coyote and the Shadow People"
Nehalem Tillamook, "South Wind" and "The Man Who Was Husband to a Seal"
Many Sources, "The Bridge of the Gods"
Northern Paiute, "The Beginning of the Earth"

Stories From the First Oregon Writers

Frances Fuller Victor, "On the Sand"
Joaquin Miller, "An Old Oregonian in the Snow" 37
Ella Higginson, "Zarelda"
Alfred Powers, "Marooned in Crater Lake"

Early Modern Fiction: Aggressively Oregonian

H. L. Davis, "Old Man Isbell's Wife"
James Stevens, "The Old Warhorse"
Ernest Haycox, "Cry Deep, Cry Still"
Ben Hur Lampman, "The Pack beyond the Fire"
Walt Morey, "Timber Top"
Beverly Cleary, "Owl Trouble"

Modern and Contemporary Oregon Short Fiction

Bernard Malamud, "Riding Pants"
Ursula Le Guin,"The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas"
William Kittredge, "Native Cutthroat"
Ken Kesey, "The First Sunday of September"
Don Berry, "A Trap for the Moon" <
Percival Everett, "Cry About a Nickel"
Jim Heynen, "Who Kept One Hand in Her Pocket"
Molly Gloss, "The Doe"
Raymond Carver, "Why, Honey?"
Ellen Howard, "The Blood of the Lamb"
Craig Lesley, "Mint"
Elizabeth Woody, "HomeCooking"
Juan Armando Epple, "Los Persas"
"Garage Sale People"
Barry Lopez, "Jordan Valley, 1977"
Russell Working, "Halloween, Via Dolorosa"
Martha Gies, "O'Keefe Sober"
Miles Wilson, "The Lord of Misrule at Separation Creek"
Lawson Inada, "The Flower Girls"

Selected Bibliography of Oregon Fiction
Copyright Acknowledgments

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