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Table of Contents

An Introduction to Stewart Holbrook

Death and times of a Prophet

Daylight in the Swamp

The Affair at Copperfield

Cargoes of Maidens

Anarchists at Home

The Wildest Man of the West

Fire in the Bush

The Three Sirens of Portland

The Cattle King

The Original Nature Man

The Wobblies Come

The Great Tillamook Fire

Saloon in the Timber

Bunco Kelly, King of the Crimps

Opal the Understanding Heart

The Legend of Jim Hill

Erickson's Elbow Bending for Giants

The Gorse of Bandon

Whistle Punks

Harry Tracy: "King of Western Robbers"

Disaster in June

The Aurora Communists

First Bomb

The Great Homestead Murders

Lumberjacks' Saturday Night

The Last of the Wobblies

Additional Reading

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