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Wildlife Viewing

A Management Handbook

Michael J. Manfredo

6 X 9 inches. Illustrations. Bibliography. Index. 336 pages.

2002. ISBN 978-0-87071-548-8. Paperback, $24.95.

Wildlife viewing is an increasingly popular form of outdoor recreation, yet despite growing public interest, little attention has been directed toward developing professional planning and management tools for this activity.

Wildlife Viewing provides natural resource and recreation professionals with a useful model to help them manage wildlife and wildlife habitat in order to provide sustainable viewing opportunities. Emphasizing an approach called Experienced-based Management (EBM), the book synthesizes a wide variety of findings and concepts from the literature on recreation management. The authors describe the EBM approach, show how it can give direction to management planning, and discuss how biological management tools might be integrated with an EBM approach to managing wildlife-viewing recreation.

Wildlife and recreation professionals at all levels will find this book extremely valuable, as will graduate and undergraduate students in all natural resource fields.

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