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Maps of Oregon and Washington Wildlife-Habitat Types

Managing Director's Preface



  1. Oregon and Washington Wildlife Species and Their Habitats
    T.A. O'Neil and D.H. Johnson
  2. Wildlife Habitats: Descriptions, Status, Trends, and System Dynamics
    C.B. Chappell, R.C. Crawford, C. Barrett, J. Kagan, D.H. Johnson, M. O'Mealy, G.A.Green, H.L. Ferguson, W.D. Edge, E.L. Greda, and T.A. O'Neil
  3. Structural Conditions and Habitat Elements of Oregon and Washington
    T.A. O'Neil, K.A. Bettinger, M. Vander Heyden, B.G. Marcot, C. Barrett, T.K. Mellen, W.M. Vander Haegen, D.H. Johnson, P.J. Doran, L. Wunder, and K.M. Boula
  4. Management of Within-stand Forest Habitat Features
    W.C. McComb
  5. Conservation of Biodiversity: Considerations and Methods for Identifying and Prioritizing Areas and Habitats
    M.M. Shaughnessy and T.A. O'Neil
  6. Key Ecological Functions of Wildlife Species
    B.G. Marcot and M. Vander Heyden
  7. Wildlife and Westside and High Montane Forest
    D.H. Olson, J.C. Hagar, A.B. Carey, J.H. Cissel, and F.J. Swanson
  8. Wildlife of Eastside (Interior) Forests and Woodlands
    R. Sallabanks, B.G. Marcot, R.A. Riggs, C.A. Nehl, and E.B. Arnett
  9. Wildlife Alpine and Subalpine Habitats
    K.M. Martin
  10. Wildlife of Westside Grassland and Chaparral Habitats
    B.Altman, M. Hayes, S. Janes, and R. Forbes
  11. Wildlife of Eastside Shrubland and Grassland Habitats
    W.M. Vander Haegen, S.M. McCorquodale, C.R. Peterson, G.A. Green, and E. Yensen
  12. Wildlife of Urban Habitats
    H.L. Ferguson, K. Robinette, and K. Stenberg
  13. Wildlife of Agriculture, Pastures, and Mixed Environs
    W.D. Edge
  14. Wildlife of Riparian Habitats
    J.B. Kauffman, M. Mahrt, L. Mahrt, and W.D. Edge
  15. Wildlife of Coastal and Marine Habitats
    J.B. Buchanan, D.H. Johnson, E.L. Greda, G.A. Green, T.R. Wahl, and S.J. Jeffries
  16. Introduced Wildlife of Oregon and Washington
    G.W. Witmer and J.C. Lewis
  17. Genetic Considerations for Introduced and Augmented Populations
    S.M. Haig and R.S. Wagner
  18. Extirpated Species of Oregon and Washington
    C. Iten, T.A. O'Neil, K.A. Bettinger, and D.H. Johnson
  19. Characterizing Species at Risk
    J.F. Lehmkuhl, B.G. Marcot, and T. Quinn
  20. Terrestrial and Marine Management Activities: Links to Habitat Elements and Ecological Processes
    M. Vander Heyden and B.G. Marcot
  21. An Overview of Models and Their role in Wildlife Management
    G.J. Roloff, G.F. Wilhere, T.Quinn, and S. Kohlmann
  22. Five Case Studies of Wildlife Modeling Applications
    T. Quinn and D.H. Johnson, editors
    Case Study 1: A Spatially Realistic Population Model for Informing Forest Management Decisions
    G.F. Wilhere, N.H. Schumaker, and S.P. Horton
    Case Study 2: A Model to Assess Potential Vertebrate Habitat at Landscape Scales: HABSCAPES
    M.Huff, T.K. Mellen, and R. Hagetedt
    Case Study 3: Cross-scale Classification Trees for Assessing Risks of Forest Practices to Headwater Stream Amphibians
    G.D. Sutherland and F.L. Bunnell
    Case Study 4: Applying GAP Analysis to County and Regional Land Use Planning
    M.R. Stevenson
    Case Study 5: A Model to Determine Potential Northern Spotted Owl Nesting Areas
    N.W. Darby and T. Young
  23. Integrating Wildlife Species Habitat Goals and Quantitative Land Management Planning Processes
    P. Bettinger, K. Boston, J. Sessions, and W.C. McComb
  24. Decaying Wood in Pacific Northwest Forests: Concepts and Tools for Habitat Management
    C.L. Rose, B.G. Marcot, T.K. Mellen, J.L. Ohmann, K.L. Waddell, D.L. Lindley, and B. Schreiber
  25. Single Species, Multiple Species, or Ecosystem Management: A Perspective on Approaches to Wildlife Conservation
  26. Pacific Salmon and Wildlife: Ecological Contexts, Relationships, and Implications for Management
    C.J. Cedeholm, D.J. Johnson, R.E. Bilby, L.G. Dominguez, A.M. Garrett, W.H. Graeber, E.L. Greda, M.D. Kunze, B.G. Marcot. J.F. Palmisano, R.W. Plotnikoff, W.G. Pearcy, C.A. Simenstad, and P.C. Trotter
  27. An Introduction to Wildlife-Habitat Relationships CD-ROM
    M. Trevithick, T.A. O'Neil, and C. Barrett

Appendix: Scientific and common names for 743 wildlife species found in Oregon and Washington

Glossary of Terms



CD-ROM: Matrixes for Wildlife-Habitat Relationships in Oregon and Washington
T.A. O'Neil, D.H, Johnson, C. Barrett, M. Trevithick, K.A. Bettinger, C. Kiilsgaard, M. Vander Hayden, E.L. Greda, D. Stinson, B.G. Marcot, P.J. Doran, S. Tank, and L. Wunder

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