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Table of Contents

Part One
Setting the Stage

  1. Seeking Sustainable Forests in North America.
    Bruce A. Shindler, Thomas M. Beckley, Carmel Finley

  2. Forests, Paradigms and Policies through Ten Centuries.
    Thomas M. Beckley

  3. Sustainable Forestry in Canada and the United States: Developments and Prospects.
    Peter Duinker, Gary Bull, Bruce A. Shindler

  4. Beyond the Economic Model: Assessing Sustainability in Forest Communities.
    Solange Nadeau, Bruce A. Shindler, Christina Kakoyannis

Part Two
New demands on the Forest--From Timber Values to Forest Values

  1. Ecosystem Management and Public Opinion in the United States.
    Brent S. Steel, Edward P. Weber

  2. The Cultural Context for Forest Policy Decisions: The Case of Western Canada and the United States.
    John C. Pierce, Nicholas P. Lovrich, Jr.

  3. Public Values for Sustainable Forest Management in Alberta.
    Bonita L. McFarlane, Janaki R. R. Alavalapati, David O. Watson

  4. Public Involvement in Forest Management: Toward a Research Program in Alberta.
    Richard C. Stedman, John R. Parkins

  5. After the Fall: Perceptions of Forest Management in Western Newfoundland.
    Thomas M. Beckley, Brian Bonnell

Part Three
Institutional Responses to Emerging Demands

  1. Connecting the Dots: United States Grass-Roots Ecosystem Management and Sustainable Communities.
    Edward P. Weber, Christina L. Herzog

  2. The Ecosystem Experiment in British Columbia and Washington State.
    Clare M. Ryan

  3. Implementing Adaptive Management: An Evaluation of AMAs in the Pacific Northwest.
    Bruce A. Shindler

Part Four
Challenges for the Future

  1. From State to Market: Forestry Certification in the United States and Canada.
    Constance McDermott, George Hoberg

  2. Emerging Issues of Globalization: Implications for Forest Use in the United States and Canada.
    Janaki R. R. Alavalapati, Gouranga G. Das, Cynthis Wilkerson

  3. Building Innovative Institutions for Ecosystem Management: Integrating Analysis and Inspiration.
    George H. Stankey, Stephen F. McCool, Roger N. Clark

  4. "Are We There Yet?" Assessing Our Progress Along Two Paths of Sustainability.
    Thomas M. Beckley, Bruce A. Shindler, Carmel Finley


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