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Table of Contents

General Introductions
Introduction: The Stories We Tell 

This Place is Home Creation of the Klamath Country
Origin of Black Butte, Medicine Rock, Eagle Rock, and Mt. Jefferson
Oregon as Paradise
Abraham "Oregon" Smith in the "Land of Milk and Honey"
Oregon Suits Me
Oregon Land
South Wind Marries Ocean's Daughter
Origins of Webfoot
About the Word Oregon
        The Mystery of Its Origin
        Oregon in the Vernacular
        Oregon in the Woods
        Oregon on Horseback
The Girl with the Striped Stockings
Alsea Girls
Oregon's Healthy Climate
Getting the Wash Done Oregon Style
Oregon Sayings, West and East
Reub Long on the Oregon Desert
Southeastern Oregon Weather
Valley Rabbit and Mountain Rabbit

First Contacts and Other Encounters The First Ship Comes to Clatsop
The Nez Perce Meet Lewis and Clark
"Goldilocks on the Oregon Trail"
        Nellie Jane Earp
        Moses Eads's Red-headed Daughter
        Mary Walker, a Brave Pioneer Girl
A Sampling of Chinook Jargon
The Sun's Myth
Gishgiu's Escape
Gishgiu and the Sugar Thief
Indians Speculate on White Ladies' Bustles
An Encounter between Miners and Indians
The Origin of Horses in Oregon
Bill McBride's Race Horse
The Joke Was on the Whites in Pendleton
History and the Carnation Man
Wong Sam's Phrase Book
Does Anyone Speak Finnish Here?
When Basque Herders First Arrived in the Owyhee Region
Dad's Embarrassment
How Masuo Yasui Found Hood River
Golden America

Oregon's Folk Heroes and Characters Chiloquin
How Fish-Hawk Raided the Sioux
Patrick Dooney and the Bear Dooneys
        The Bear Dooneys
        Pat Dooney Beats the Russians
The Revenge against the Sky People
Black Harris and the Putrefied Forest
Hathaway Jones, Rogue River Munchhausen
        Hathaway's Father Builds a Fireplace
        Hathaway's Own Fireplace
        Hathaway's Great Strength
        Packing a Bear Home
        Hathaway's Marvelous Hunt
        Hathaway Shoots His Old Mare
        Shooting Geese
        The Black Powder Bullet
        A Nimble Mule
Hathaway Mixes Up His Mules
Benjamin Franklin "Huckleberry" Finn
        Finn Upholds His Reputation as a Liar
        Moving Finn Rock
        Trapped in a Honey Tree
        Caught in a Stump
        Making Turpentine
        Finn and the Muzzle Loader
        The Big Fish
        The "Kalarup" Gun
        Finn and the Game Warden
Tebo Ortego, Vaquero Munchhausen
        Keiger Gorge
        Tebo's Mosquito Stories
        Tebo's Pet Fish
        Birds Freeze in the Lake
        The Fast Palomino Stallion
        The Horses Have a Rodeo
        A Night at Buena Vista
Bill Brown
Aaron Meier and the Darning Needle
Lou Southworth of Waldport
Jack Dalton Pays His Bill
Old Blue
The Ballad of Archie Brown

Tales of Hunting and Fishing A Hunter's First Kill
The Redwood Canoe
The Hunter Who Had an Elk for a Guardian Spirit
Coyote and the Talking Fish Trap
Goose Hunting Near McMinnville, Fishing at Meadow Lake
The Biggest Catch
Boiled Owl
A Good Hunting Dog
The Smartest Hunting Dog
A Remarkable Shot
Another Remarkable Shot
A City Hunter
The Deer Hunter
Portland Hunters

Coyote and Other Tricksters Wasco Coyote Cycle
        Coyote Frees the Fish
        Coyote and the Mouthless Man
        The First Pregnancy
        Coyote Meets Tsagiglalal
        Coyote and Eagle Go to the Land of the Dead
Coyote the Eye-Juggler
South Wind Loses His Eyes and Gets New Ones
Coyote and the Strawberries
Fernando, a Basque Trickster
        Fernando and the Priest's Pig
        The Priest Invites Fernando to Dinner
        Fernando and the Platter of Meat
        Fernando's Sister Dies

At Work in Oregon Planting Rhymes
Three Scythe Songs from Pioneer Oregon
John Alexander
The Bib Combine
Dry Land Farming Lexicon
The Lane County Bachelor
Oregon Cowboys and Buckaroos
        How to Get Along
        The Work Week on a Ranch
        Grant County Cattlemen
        Buckaroo Geography
        Harney County Strawberries
        John Porter's Story about a Sheepman on His Range
Cowboy Vernacular
Jesse Stahl's Famous Ride
The Strawberry Roan
A Bear Tale
Corrido del Difunto Nabor, Ballad of the Deceased Nabor
Why a Cowboy Left Home
The Ballad of Pete Orman
Loggers' Lore and Initiation Customs
        A Bucket of Choker Holes
        The Axe Man's Test
        The Swede and the Cant Hook
A New Bride in Camp
Paul Bunyan
        Paul Bunyan's Logging at Shoreacres
        Paul's Great Auction
        The Sad Ending of Paul Bunyan's Blue Ox
Bunkhouse Cussing
Selections from the Loggers' Lexicon
More Loggers' Jargon
The Wobbly Language
Fifty Thousand Lumberjacks
Ode to the Spotted Owl
Miners' Nicknames and Nomenclature
        Two-Week Tommy, Walk Away Willy, and Seldom-Seen Charley
        Cousin Jacks
        Tommy Knockers
One of Sumpter's Well-Known Miners
The Ghosts of Chinese and Black Miners of Elk Creek
The Ballad of the Territorial Road
Women Invade the Shipyards
The Naming of Fishboats
Fishermen's Folk Speech

Lost Treasures The Neahkanie Mountain Treasure
        The Pirates at Neahkanie
        Buried Treasure from a Spanish Galleon
        An Indian Account
        The Treasure Ship
        A Portuguese Shipwreck
The Lost Blue Bucket Mine
The Treasure at Columbia City
Gold Found and Lost Near Canyon City
Jim Polk Leads a Gold Expedition

Monsters, Snakes, Fabulous Creatures Coyote and the Swallowing Monster
Sea Serpent in the Illinois River
The Origin of Face Rock at Bandon
At'unaqa and the Forest Fire
Bigfoots Galore
        Reports on the Sasquatch in the 1860s
        Wild Man Helps Himself to Elk Meat
        Big,foot, Our Contemporary
The Man Who Lived with Thunder Bird
The Woman Who Swallowed a Snake
The Girl Who Swallowed a Pearl

Spirits, Corpses, Haunted Places Lulu'laidi
The Ghosts at Mosquito Flats
The Stick Indians
Old Man Donovan's Wake
The Corpse and the Pickles
Petrified Bodied West and East
        The Petrification of Mrs. Confer
        The Petrified Girl of Hay Creek
        A Stone Man at Ashwood
Haunted Skookum Lake
Amhuluk, the Skookum of the Lake
The Creaking Mantel
The Rocking Cradle
La Lorona, The Crying Woman
El Troquero y la Joven, The Trucker and the Young Girl

Family Matters Baby-land
Babes in the Woods
Counting Out Rhymes
A Clackamas Girls' Game
Klamath String Figures
Old Mr. Fox
Little Raccoon and His Grandmother
Wild Woman Ate Children
Bloody Fingers
Golden Arm
The Boyfriend's Death
The Three Murderer Sons
Seal and Her Younger Brother Lived There
The Legend of the Magpies
The Girl Who Married a Sea Otter
The Two Brothers
The Earring Story
The First Family


Husbands, Wives, Lovers Ang Toy and Farm Pei
The Honorable Milt
Niggedy Naggedy
There Was an Old Woman in Trenton
"That's How She Got Him on the Train"
The Quarrel at Kirk Canyon
The Clever Wife
Coyote Falls in Love and Creates Crater Lake

New Old Stories Christianity in Chinook Jargon
        The Lord's Prayer in Jargon
        Old Man Daniel
Munata'lkni, or the Devil
White Men Are Snakes
Laptiss'an and the Seven-Headed Monster
Coyote and the Anthropologist
A Prophecy about Coyote and the People of the Lake
The Coyote, the Bear, and the Moon
The Sycan Barn

How It All Began Tututni Genesis

Glossary of folk literature genres
Copyright Acknowledgements

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