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Skeena River Fish and Their Habitat

Allen S. Gottesfeld and Ken A. Rabnett

Foreword by Jim Lichatowich.

7.5 × 10 inches. B&W photographs. Maps. Bibliography. index. 300 pages.

2008. ISBN 978-0-97793-325-9. Paperback, $29.95.

British Columbia's Skeena River is one of the great salmon rivers of the North Pacific. The river and its fish have supported indigenous peoples for thousands of years. More recently, the Skeena has earned world renown for its recreational fishery and magnificent wilderness setting. Yet, over the last century, fish populations have declined from overfishing, habitat alteration and, to an unknown degree, climate change. Development of mining as well as oil and gas resources may also pose threats to fish populations.

This book presents the first thorough review of the salmon stocks and freshwater species of the Skeena River. Initial chapters summarize the river's environment, fish, and fisheries. The book then examines the physical geography, development history, indigenous use, and major salmon stocks of each of the watershed's sub-basins.

This volume makes available for the first time – to researchers, field biologists, fishermen and natural history enthusiasts – both the published, and largely unpublished, literature on this productive salmon ecosystem.

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