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Listening: Introduction to the New Edition
William Kittredge

Ron Strickland

Fish Pirate
Bert "Spider" Jones

Andy Dick

"I Always Fished by Myself"
Signe Ashland

Skagit River Gambler
Mark Gilkey

"Swing Her Round Like Swinging on a Gate"
Bill Robler

"Crazy With Fiddling"
Theodore "Deke" Smith

Tarheel Moonshiner
Ralph "Stogie" Parker

Mulligan Stew
Gene Grush

"Five Cents an Hour, Ten Hours a Day
Al Coffelt

Ice Harvest
Stanley Darwood

Frontier Bride
Eva Beebee

Barn Raisings and Harvesting Bees
Clara Fewkes

Logging with a Swedish Fiddle
Joe Yocum

Francis Lufkin

Logging Horses
Clyde Smith

River Pig
Bert Wilke

Timber Cruiser
Ralph Thayer

Steelhead Water
Howard Miller

Ninety Years in the Mountains
Glee Davis

"It Takes Fifty Prospects to Make One Mine"
Bill Tilly

Snow Geese and Salt Marshes
Harte Pentilla

Hard Times at Thirty Below
Gaspar Petta

A Step at a Time
Harvey Manning

"We Wanted to Build a House"
Les More

Lowen Chin

Tom Drumheller

"We'd Whistle and Sing to Hold Them Cattle"
Paul Louden

Branding Iron Maker
Slim Worthen

Foss & Bill Creveling

"I Belong to the Cattle Ever After"
Ross Filer

Thong Nguyen


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