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Hamilton Cravens

"Slavery in the Election of 1800"
Edward J. Larson

"From Kin to Intruder: Cherokee Legal Attitudes toward People of African Descent in the Nineteenth Century"
Fay Yarbrough

"The Last Repatriationist: The Career of Earnest Sevier Cox"
John P. Jackson, Jr. and Andrew S. Winston

"Mongels and Hybrids: The Problem of 'Race' in the Botanical World"
Vassiliki Betty Smocovitis

"The Roman Campaign of '53-'55: The Dunn Family among a Jewish Community"
Melinda Gormley

"Changes in Scientific Opinion on Race Mixing: The Impact of the Modern Synthesis"
Paul Farber

"Race, IQ, and Politics in Twentieth Century America"
Hamilton Cravens

"Robert Coles and the Political Culture of the Second Reconstruction"
Ben Keppel

"Genomics, Genetic Identity, and the Refiguration of 'Race'"
Michael Kenny

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