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Table of Contents


Chapter 1.   A Clearing in the Woods
Chapter 2.   Treason and Spoils
Chapter 3.   A Four-Vote Victory
Chapter 4.   The Supporting Cast
Chapter 5.   The Missing Fire Engine
Chapter 6.   By Trial and Error
Chapter 7.   Falling Apart, and Getting It Back Together, More or Less
Chapter 8.   A Mayor Ousted, a Councilman Expelled, Portland's First Hanging, and a Near-Riot on the Levee
Chapter 9.   Gold, the Levee, and Two Eccentric Mayors
Chapter 10.   Sacred Money, Apoplexy, and Spiritous Liquor
Chapter 11.   Parks, Police, and Unscrupulous Ben Hollady
Chapter 12.   The Big Fire, a Ladies' War, and a Grand Celebration
Chapter 13.   The Scandalous Eighties
Chapter 14.   Riots, Oligarchy, and a Presidential Visit
Chapter 15.   Consolidation, Financial Panic, and a City Hall At Last
Chapter 16.   Outrageous Conduct, Shanghaiing, and Vice
Chapter 17.   More Vice, the "Oregon System," and a Dazzling World's Fair
Chapter 18.   Greedy Give-away Time or a Golden Age?
Chapter 19.   The "Tin Plate Law," a New beginning, and an Unsuccessful Recall
Chapter 20.   World War I, Politics as Theater, and the Great Depression
Chapter 21.   World War II, More Vice, and No Lin Lee
Chapter 22.   An Exposé, Sixties Turmoil, and a Visionary Plan
Chapter 23.   A Renaissance: The River, Downtown, and Neighborhoods
Chapter 24.   From Suit and Tie to Casual Dress Day
Chapter 25.   Today's Decisions, Tomorrow's History

Appendix A:   Portland 1851 Charter
Appendix B:   Portland's First Public Library, 1850
Appendix C:   Portland Mayors
Appendix D:   Elected Officials 1948-2001
Appendix E:   Chronological List of Portland Elected Officials
Appendix F:   Locations of Portland City Hall


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