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"Paradise Wild is the most exuberant blend of reflection, scholarship and persuasion to come along in many years. The book breaks open the hollow pieties of nature writing to reveal how an engaged and embracing mind-and body-is itself one of nature's most beautiful expressions of wildness. Oates writes lyrically and with healing irreverence about experience and literature in a way that makes all the old polarizing categories-'saved and damned, straight and gay, sacred and profane'-melt away. This is an important and illuminating book-way overdue as a new look at nature, mind and body."

--Alison Hawthorne Deming, author of Writing the Sacred into the Real

"Paradise Wild stands out as a unique text among the recent crop of environmental studies books. I know of no other book that touches on a diverse range of issues to the extent that Oates does: … interconnections between nature, the body, sexuality, society, writing, thinking and spirituality. Paradise Wild incorporates personal narrative with critical analysis, producing in the process one of the best attempts I know at writing for both an academic and popular audience."

--Susan Kollin, author of Nature's State: Imagining Alaska as the Last Frontier
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