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Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments

Practice of the Presence of the Wild

I. Be/Longing in Eden
Sometimes Walking
Paradise Lost
The Wildness of Failure
Ending it All
Dealing with Paradise
Eco-fundamentalism and the Forests of Oregon
The Flower Hunter
Our Nature to Read
Good Indian, Bad Indian or, The Opposite of Queer is Still Queer
Queer Pants
A Mutability Canto

II. Up the River
Up the River
Real Losses: the Hanford Reach
The Unintended Sits by her Window and Smiles
Every Rich System is a Nature

III. Walking After, Walking With: Muir, Thoreau, Bartram
Thoreau is the Literalizing Century: Scientism, Fundamentalism, and the Golden West
Muir's Eden: Landscapes of Heaven
Muir's Arcadia
The Method of Palimpsest: Eternal Returns
Bartram in Georgia Notes

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