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Part I: Connecting With Nature
Nancy Perkins Wynecoop
    "The Song of the Generous Supply and Able-One, My Grandmother"
    "Able-One Was Afraid

Emily Inez Denny
    "We Live Close to Dear Nature
Caroline C. Leighton
    "A Fit Home for the Gods"
Frances Auretta Fuller Victor
    "A Font of the Gods"
Alice Day Pratt
    Nature Has Not Betrayed the Heart That Loved Her"
Ella (Rhoads) Higginson
    "I Am a Mossback to My Very Finger Ends"

Part II: Coping: Learning By Doing
Anna Maria Pittman Lee
    "If My Life is Spared"
Sarah J. Lemmon Walden Cummins
    "My Will Was Not to Be Swayed"
Bethenia Owens-Adair
    "I Felt Equal to Almost Any Task"
Esther M. Selover Lockhart
    "It Was Up to Me"
Emeline L. Trimbel Fuller
    "I Nerved Myself"
Mother Joseph of the Sacred Heart, S.P. (Esther Pariseau)
    "How Fervent Was Our Te Deum"
Susanna M. Slover McFarland Price Ede
    "We Parched Peas for Coffee"
Anne Shannon Monroe
    "I Would Write, and Write, and Write"
Emma J. Ray
"I Became Disgusted with Portland"

Part III: Caregiving: Family and Community
Narcissa Prentiss Whitman
    "This Orphan Family Under Our Care"
Elizabeth Sager Helm
    ""Stay Close to Me"
Tabitha Moffat Brown
    "I Have Labored for Myself and the Rising Generation"
Amanda Gardener Johnson
    "My First Duty Is to My Family"
Susie Sumner Revels Cayton
    "Sallie the Egg-Woman"
Mourning Dove (Christine Quintasket)
    "Helping the Needy"

Part IV: Communicating: From Private to Public
Margaret Jewett (Smith) Bailey
    "What Have I Married?"
Mary P. Avery Sawtell
    "Your Blows Have Divorced Us!"
Abigail Scott Duniway
    "On the Road"
Minnie Myrtle Miller (Theresa Dyer)
    "Miss Anthony's Lectures--Observanda"
    "A Communication to the Public from Mrs. M.M. Miller
Sarah Winnemucca (Hopkins)
    "They Take Sweet Care of One Another"
Sui Sin Far (Edith Maud Eaton)
    "The Americanizing of Pus Tsu"
Ella (Rhoads) Higginson
    "Eshter's 'Fourth'"
    "Isaphene's White Hat"
Louise Gregg Stephens ("Katharine")
    "I Am a Believer Now"
    "Our Feathered Folk"
Lydia Taylor
    "The Die Was Cast"
Hazel Hall
    "Selected Poems"


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