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The Oregon Water Handbook

A Guide to Water and Water Management

Rick Bastasch

6 × 9 inches. B&W photographs. Maps. Glossary. Index. 360 pages.

2006. ISBN 978-0-87071-181-7. Paperback, $24.95.

"To make a long story short, Oregon's out of easy water." So begins this timely look at how water is managed in Oregon. Rick Bastasch's in-depth examination of Oregon's water law and water issues provides a compelling perspective on a major environmental issue in the American West - the region's diminishing water supply.

Starting with answers to the questions of where Oregon's water comes from and how much there really is, The Oregon Water Handbook explores how these water resources are used and what that has meant for Oregon - its people, environment, and economy.

Bastasch offers thorough yet accessible explanations of a variety of water issues and controversies, bringing focus and clarity to a murky, complex subject. The book also features a comprehensive index to Oregon's water laws, a detailed listing of the state's water regulations cross-referenced to appropriate agencies, and a glossary of water terms.

The handbook offers a key to understanding how we use this precious and scarce resource. It will be valuable to a range of readers, from Oregonians seeking interesting facts about their state's water riches to water specialists and users in need of a handy reference to Oregon's water law.

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