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Table of Contents



History and Character of the Oregon Wine Industry

Grapevine Structure and Function

I. Vineyard Planning
1. Vineyard Economics
2. Wine Production Costs and Returns
3. Site Assessment
4. Winegrowing Regions
5. Varieties and Clones
6. Rootstocks
7. Vineyard Design
8. Training Systems
9. Scott Henry Training System

II. Vineyard Development
10. Site Preparation
11. Planting Stock
12. Planting and Managing a Young Vineyard
13. Training Young Vines
14. Microirrigation Design Considerations

III. Vineyard Management
15. Marketing and Contracts
16. Sustainable Viticulture
17. The Organic Approach
18. Soil Management and Grapevine Nutrition
19. Water Management
20. Floor Management
21. Pruning
22. Canopy Management
23. Management of Diseases
24. Management of Insect and Mite Pests
25. Winter Cold Injury
26. Strategies for Frost Protection
27. Labor Management
28. Compliance with Government Regulations
29. Crop Estimation and Thinning
30. Evaluation of Winegrape Maturity
31. Harvest

Epilogue: Looking to the Future
Oregon's Winegrowing Challenges
Southern Oregon's Untapped Potential
Enhancing Economic Success and Professionalism


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