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"We live in a world of cascading information. Data crash all over us like detached avalanches or unhinged landslides. We have always sought to organize chaos. Otherwise we simply cannot cope. Father and son Paul and Scott Slovic have produced a set of challenging essays and fascinating interviews with artists, activists, and writers. These indicate that we are prone to numb our moral sensitivities and emotional outreach when confronted with too much despair among others..."

Tim O'Riordan, Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development

"Numbers and Nerves is a book worth reading, which well informs the reader of some of our most frustrating psychological limitations to responding adequately to large numerical data. These psychological mechanisms are examined and demonstrated well in Part I. Although Part II and Part III are more tentative, they do actively bring the reader into a conversation around what may very well be the most important questions of our time: Why are we not responding as we should to large numbers which quantify human suffering and environmental collapse? And how, then, might we work around these limitations?"

- Anne M. W. Kelly, Scholar Commons

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